YOUR skin
which product?


What is your skin type anyway?

Oily skin, dry skin, combination skin, normal skin? How do you even know what your skin type is? And which TEWC product range should you be using?

Dry/Mature skin facts:


  • Small tight pores

  • Redness, uneven pigmentation and visible dry patches

  • Fine texture and skin could look thin

  • Tendency to sensitivity shown by broken capillaries on the face

  • With Dry Skin there may be signs of premature ageing especially around eyes, mouth and neck.

If this sounds like your skin type take a look at our Nourishing and Regenerating collections.

SENSITIVE skin facts:


  • Redness on touch

  • Broken capillaries, especially on the cheeks

  • Skin can often feel tight and uncomfortable especially when using certain products and in extreme cases burning and instant rashes are experienced.

  • High colouring

  • Feels warm to touch

If this sounds like your skin type take a look at our Nourishing collection.

oily skin facts:


  • Shiny patches

  • Large open pores

  • Coarse skin texture

  • Prone to spots

  • Sallow skin caused by sebum holding dead cells on surface

  • Blocked pores leading to blackheads

If this sounds like your skin type take a look at our Balancing collection.

combination skin facts:


  • A T-shape of oily skin that crosses the forehead and runs down the side of the nose and onto the chin.

  • The pores within the T zone are larger than elsewhere on the face.

  • Often there is a sheen across the forehead, on the sides of the nose and on the chin.

  • The pores within the T zone may be congested.

  • The skin outside the T zone may be dry.

If this sounds like your skin type take a look at our Balancing and Regenerating collections.

Most of us have ANY combination of these skin types and often our skin type can differ slightly  during the course of the month and during hormonal changes, so it can often be hard to decide which products are going to suit your skin.

My advice is go with how your skin feels most of the time and then adjust by incorporating certain products into your skincare routine when needed. 


For example if you skin is normally oily or combination in type but sometimes needs extra moisture then go for anything from our Balancing collection but include a serum like our Regenerating Face Serum when you skin needs that extra boost!

Similarly if you skin is usually drier or sensitive but sometimes you have breakouts then head for our Nourishing collection but maybe incorporate a lighter moisturiser (Balancing Face Moisturiser/Regenerating Day Treatment) for those days when your skin needs slightly less oil content.

REMEMBER you can always get in touch with us and we will be happy to help with your product choices, just hit the "Let's Chat" button in the corner of the screen AND remember that all our product descriptions tell you which types of skin they are suitable for too!